Meet Deneise

Owner/Creative Director, Executive Floral Stylist

Deneise is a southern girl who made her way to NJ for graduate school. She has always said "in my next life I'm going to be a florist" and with The Botanical Box she is overjoyed to be chasing her dreams in this life. Deneise has a Bachelor's degree in Art, a Master's of Divinity and many years experience in business management. As much as she loves flowers, she loves organization and details. She will not settle for anything less than perfectly beautiful on your event day!

Meet Esther

Owner/Business Administrator

Being raised on a farm in Texas, Esther leans towards a simple, rustic style. Esther loves all things historical and holds a Bachelor's degree in History and Sociology. Esther is known for her calm presence which is not to be underestimated in the event planning process. Although much of Esther’s work is on the back end of the business, she plays a vital role in the success of The Botanical Box.